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Parapet Wall Repair / Rebuilding Services from Empire Roofing & Waterproofing in New York City & the Tri-State Area!

Has the parapet wall on your Private house, Condo, Commercial Building or Office started to lean or are you experiencing wet spots / water leakage in top few floors? Then the parapet wall needs repair or needs to be demolished and re-built.

Our specialists will inspect the site and give you a FREE ESTIMATE for Parapet Wall repair or rebuilding!!!

Our staff will also provide you with FREE CONSULTATION on site, if you may get away with a repair in parapet wall or you may have to knock it down and re-build it all over again!!!

Empire Roofing & Water Proofing brings with it a 20 year rich experience. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured company, certified by Better Business Bureau, National Roofing Contractors’ Association, Building Trade Association and Fire Stone. We specialize in “Parapet Wall” repair / reconstruction on residential, commercial and high rise buildings in tri-state area. Our crews were adjudged as highly professional and courteous by our esteemed clients.

We are licensed Special Rigger for all kind of rigging installation required to perform demolition / construction work on any building from private homes to commercial or sky scrapers.

As a principal, we do not compromise on professionalism and standards as governed by local laws.

Parapet Wall Repair / Rebuilding Process:

We obtain a relevant permit and install side walk safety scaffolding bridge on the area where the work has to be performed.

We install rigging as per the requirement of the building.

In case the parapet wall needs repair, we grind the cracks & refill the same with water proofing Portland cement or remove & replace the damaged bricks in the parapet wall.

In case a parapet wall needs to be demolished and re-built, we demolish the same and remove all work related debris.

We build the parapet wall from above the window lintel level.

We use matching bricks so as to protect the building original color scheme. We try our maximum to match the bricks, in case the bricks are not a 100% match, we get the closet available and get the prior approval form the owner/manager concerned.

We install concrete coping stones or camel back coping stones as required by the client.

All our parapet repair work or rebuilt parapet walls, irrespective of the size of the project, come with a warranty of Twelve (12) Years so our clients do not have to worry or face similar problem for at least over a decade.

GUESS WHAT!!! All these services at an affordable price! We are just a call away & the estimates are FREE!!! We will not charge you for any site visit / consultation!!!

STILL!!! If you have any questions, our professional staff members are just a call away. We will be glad to answer any question that you may have over the phone. Your answers to the solution are just a call away. Phone Consultations are FREE OF CHARGE!!!

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